Rack Toppers

*Images not to scale

Rack Toppers

30" Diameter Glass Shelf Topper for Round Racks
30" diameter x 5/16" thick. Tempered glass.

Product Dimensions: 30" x 5/16" (30DGLI)
Color: Clear

Grid Basket Rack Topper
Grid basket with a 30" diameter includes all hardware necessary to fit the following round racks. K50, K52WD, K55, K57WD, K71WD, K73WD

Product Dimensions: 30" (30RTC)
Finish: Chrome

Flexible Plush Covered Arm for VM41 Rack Topper
Plush covered flexible arm with spring button lock. Used to replace rigid snap-out arm from Rack Topper (VM41)

Product Dimensions: N/A (FLX)
Color: Black

3" Foam Pad Cap for Millinery Displayer
To be inserted on top of the Millinery Displayer to cushion a cap or hat.

Product Dimensions: 3" Diameter (FPMC)
Color: Grey

Adjustable Topper for K40 and K41
Clamps onto hangrails of K40 or K41 rack. Upright is 18"L and is adjustable every 3" from 29" to 38". Creates a second level of single bar hanging above the rack. Bottom leg is 23-1/2" across.

Product Dimensions: Hangrail is 59-1/4" long (K49)
Finish: Chrome

Children's Rack Topper w/ Hanger
Add an attractive and affordable display to an existing rack to highlight a garment! Rack topper has 12" hanger and decorative ball. Includes waist attachment for skirts or slacks.

Product Dimensions: 46"H, 12" Hanger (MACR8/MTW)
Color: White
Finish: Matte

Women's Rack Topper w/ Hanger
*Image shows base instead of clamp for rack
Rack topper includes all-purpose clamp, 15-1/2" hanger with decorative ball on top, 46" adjustable upright. Clip waist attachment is included.

Product Dimensions: 46"H, 15-1/2" Hanger (MAPR6/MAB)
Color: Black
Finish: Matte

Men's Rack Topper w/ Hanger
*Image shows base instead of clamp for rack
Rack Topper includes all-purpose clamp hanger with decorative ball at top. 46" adjustable upright clip waist attachment is included. Will fit all 2 and 4-way racks except hi-capacity K80.

Product Dimensions: 46"H, 19" Hanger (MAUR3/MAB)
Color: Black
Finish: Matte

*Image may not reflect actual color
Melamine shelf for all round racks.

Product Dimensions: 30" Dia x 5/8" Thick White (ROUNDS)
                                       30" Dia x 5/8" Thick Black (ROUNDSMAB)

Single Tubular Form for Square Tubing Racks
*Bendable arms not included - comes w/ tubular arms
Clamps to the horizontal square tube of a garment rack to display a single garment above the rack. Has tubular arms and abstract wire head. Optional bendable arms (FLX) available and sold separately.

Product Dimensions: N/A (VM41)
Finish: Chrome

"T" Style Rack Topper for Caps and Socks
Complete rack topper used to display caps and socks. Contains two (2) horizontal bars. Includes 8 hooks and 8 cap displays.

Product Dimensions: N/A (VM55)
Finish: Chrome

"T" Style Double Bar Rack Topper
Bare double bar rack topper has 2 rectangular tubing horizontal bars which can be fitted with LSM6 wire hooks and/or GW/CAP wire cap displayers sold separately.

Product Dimensions: Top is 27" long; adjusts every 3" (VM55-BT)
Finish: Chrome

Grid Basket Racktopper
For box racks (K40 and K41) This convenient item allows the retailer to accessorize complimentary items.

Product Dimensions: 54"L x 22 1/2"W with 2 3/4" lip on all sides (WRT40)
Finish: Chrome