Grid Panels

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Metal Displays for Accessories

1/8" Wire Cap Displayer
*Image may not reflect actual color Allows retailer to display up to twelve (12) baseball-style caps.

Thickness: 1/8"
Color: Black (BLK/CAP) *Semi-gloss
            Chrome (GW/CAP)
            White (WTE/CAP) *Semi-gloss

4-1/2"H x 8"D Millinery Displayer
Used to hold a single hat or cap. Should be used with a foam pad (FPMC). Can also be used for sporting good accessories. Displayer stands 8" from grid panel.

Product Dimensions: 4-1/2"H x 8"D
Color: Black (BLK/ML) *Semi-gloss
            Chrome (GW/ML)
            White (WTE/ML) *Semi-gloss

Adjustable Scarecrow
Allows a single garment such as active Wear, blouses, t-shirts and casual wear to be displayed attractively and affordably.

Product Dimensions: 20"W to 35"W
Color: Black (BLK/T) *Semi-gloss
            Chrome (GW/T)