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Fiber Glass

Fiber Glass Mannequins


Headless Mannequins

Jersey Covered Paper Mache Forms

Female 3/4 Body Form w/ Wood Tripod Base
Easily pinnable. Smooth contours and shape (creme colored Jersey).

Dress Form (Size): 6-7 (Blouse), 7-8 (Dress)

Female 3/4 Body Form w/ Metal Base
Flat base (Satin Chrome) with creme colored body.

Female 3/4 Body Form w/ Wood Circular Base
Creme colored body with Jersey cover.

Torso (Plastic)

Female Injection Form (XS57-W or XS57-B)

Female Full Body Form (XS77-W or XS77-B)

Female Upper Torso Form (LHR35/W)

Free Standing Full Round Display Forms (#10)

Sexy Action Form (R7)


Brazilian Mannequin